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Services & Pricing

Articles, Blog Posts & Website Copy

$100=Short 600-800 words

$120=Medium 900-1200 words

$150=Long 1300-1500 words

$200=Very Long 1600-1800 words

Longer than 1800 words=$95 per 200 words

$60 per hour for editing, optimizing, and content strategy. 

Pricing includes understanding your needs and requirements
  • Learning about your business, audience, approach, brand, products, and services.
  • Receiving and reviewing content briefing notes that you send me—I can provide a form to fill out if you need it.
  • Asking questions by email to clarify what you need from the content.
  • Following any reasonable instructions, style guides, or other details that you provide.

Pricing includes SEO-optimized content

  • Creating unique, original freelance writing content to the length you specify.
  • Including your keywords and related semantic keywords in a natural way.
  • Following freelance writing SEO best practices

Pricing includes communication, collaboration, and feedback

  • Proactively communicating with you via email.
  • Completing up to two rounds of reasonable reviews and amendments.
  • Collaborating with you through email and via Google Docs.
  • Tracking all of your instructions and deadlines in my project management tool so I can always deliver on time.
  • Using your content management tools if desired
  • Regular progress updates on the project